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The Homeopathic Emergency Guide: A Quick Reference Guide to Accurate Homeopathic Care

As homeopathic medicine becomes more available, increasing numbers of clinicians, families and patients are learning how to use these natural medicines to treat common ailments. Using homeopathic medicines, however, is not as simple as matching symptoms with remedies. To get the best results with homeopathic medicines, it is essential to individalize a remedy according to the pattern of symptoms shown in the sick person. Dr. Kruzel’s Homeopathic Emergency Guide is a quick and reliable handbook.

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“As licensed Naturopathic doctors with thriving practices, Drs. Camp and Thompson bring to this book a combined 25 years of clinical experience treating patients who elect to forego vaccination. Their insight into managing cases such as these make them an excellent resource on this subject.”


Dr. Holly Castle |


“The Unvaccinated Child provides a roadmap to an alternative option for parents who are uncomfortable with the main stream’s “one size fits all” approach to your children’s health. I would recommend, fully understanding ALL options, so that you can make the most informed choice for your child, for your family.”


Cassidy Delisle |


“This is a timely and valuable resource to have in your family’s possession. If you choose not to vaccinate, you will want to have guidance in how to treat childhood diseases if and when needed.”


Penny Jacobs |


“Dr. Eli and Dr. Judith have spent countless hours researching and pouring love into compiling this masterpiece of concise information regarding treating the unvaccinated child. For parents this gives hope and encouragement and for doctors whether you agree or not about vaccination this is such a valuable resource and wealth of information for you and for your patients. Dr. Eli and Dr. Judith nailed this!”


Dr. Samm Pryce |