Smoke Rings

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When everyone tells you not to but you want to anyway. This is a smoker’s guide to better health.

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Are smokers doomed to ill-health as their years of smoking catch-up with them? Or is there another way?

In her revolutionary book, Smoke Rings, Dr. Eli Camp provides a new perspective on the long-standing debate around smoking and health. She doesn’t push for immediate cessation or lay the blame. Instead, she acknowledges the complexities around the act of smoking – as a stress reliever, a social conduit, or even an intrinsic part of one’s identity.

Smoke Rings isn’t just another guide on the harms of smoking. It’s a beacon for those who smoke, those who once did, and those who care for someone who smokes. Dr. Camp’s compassionate and non-judgmental approach is grounded in the latest research and her vast clinical experience. She offers tangible, practical ways to achieve better health, irrespective of one’s decision to quit smoking.

Why is this book different? Because Dr. Camp believes that while quitting might be the ideal solution, it’s not the only path to better health. Smoke Rings is your guide to understanding and navigating this path, offering actionable steps tailored to where you are on your smoking journey.

If you or a loved one is grappling with the choice to smoke, dive into this enlightening read. Dr. Camp’s clear message: there’s always a way to better health, even if you’re not ready to extinguish that cigarette.


About the Author

Dr. Eli Camp, ND, DHANP, is a renowned naturopathic doctor specializing in the practice of homeopathy. She completed her naturopathic medical training at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona in 2005. Dr. Camp earned her Diplomate status (DHANP) from the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians in 2015 and her Vitalist status (VNMI) from the Naturopathic Medicine Institute in 2018.
With almost two decades of experience, Dr. Camp is a sought-after physician, lecturer, and instructor. She has delivered presentations at various health conferences, public school districts, and community events, sharing her knowledge on building health. Her teaching expertise spans from beginner to advanced levels, including clinical teaching and mentorship for practitioners with active cases. Dr. Camp employs a variety of formats, including live, virtual, and recorded sessions, to disseminate her valuable insights and incorporates traditional Cherokee life ways into all aspects of her teaching and mentoring. Dr. Camp resides in Oklahoma on Longshadows Ranch, a small nonprofit homestead teaching farm with her two children, husband and many ranch guests.

What Our Readers Say

Dr. Camp has created an AWESOME natural living/medicine resource for you and your loved ones who are smokers. Smoke Rings is incredibly thorough without being preachy or condescending. You’ll learn lots of ‘whats’ and ‘whys’ and have options on how best to choose to support yourself with small and large daily lifestyle changes. Dr. Camp writes in a casual way, as if you’re having a conversation with a friend over tea. I’ll be sharing this with friends, family, and patients so that more of us humans feel empowered to live our best, supported lives.

WendyLeigh White, ND, MS

Smoke Rings is an excellent read for anyone who is or has smoked, or knows someone who has/does. The information provided in this quick read offers a great understanding of how even despite not quitting the habit of smoking yet, one could improve their odds of living a healthy life. In addition, Dr. Camp highlights the many natural and accessible ways to help the body heal, no matter what stage of health you’re in. A great read for laypersons and clinicians alike!

Shannon Bennett, NMD

After reading Smoke Rings, I feel compelled to share this invaluable resource with patients, friends, and family. As a former smoker and current healthcare professional, I appreciate not only the wisdom and practical information, but also the non-judgmental tone. I’ve been in a place where I wasn’t ready to quit smoking, but still wanted to make other healthy changes. Too often the advice given by healthcare professionals is “quit smoking.” But, that’s not always an option for everyone. Whether you are a current smoker, former smoker, or know someone who smokes – this book is sure to have information that can help anyone initiate lasting changes. By establishing the foundational elements of health (nutrition, movement, sleep, etc.) and layering in targeted support for the individual body systems, you can “choose your own adventure” by focusing on what your body needs and what fits with your lifestyle. The recommendations include supplements, teas, nutrition, hydrotherapy (water-based healing), nutrition, and many
others in a concise and organized fashion. This book offers tools, support, and perhaps most importantly – hope.

Dr. Lexi Loch (ND)

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