Fishkeeping For Kids

Pre-sales now available – best guide for any fishkeeping beginners out there!

Fishkeeping for Kids is a guide to fishkeeping. It uses easy-to-read language and images to help the information be easily understood. While it was written especially for kids 8+, it is a good guide for beginning fishkeepers of any age. Through learning fishkeeping, kids can learn responsibility and how to stick to a calendar. See detailed contents below.

This book is currently with the typesetter and then it is off to the printer. There is no chance it will be ready for Christmas / Holiday deliveries. But, you will get a certificate with a picture of the book cover and a message that it is on its way as soon as it comes off the presses.



Hi! My name is Brian Conway, and I’m 13. I was 10 when I first started fishkeeping, and discovered there were very few books to help me out! They were either all too complex, and complicated to understand, or they weren’t detailed enough. So, I decided to write a book, Fishkeeping For Kids, which fills in the gap. This book can serve as a guide to fishkeeping, especially for kids but is great for beginners of any age. I plan to write other books on this and  related topics, such as saltwater aquariums, crayfish and coral keeping.

This book originally started as a homeschool project 2 years ago, in which I decided to write a book for English credit. When I was done writing it, I decided that it could be a valuable resource for other people, so I started working on publishing it. During the last 2 years, I’ve been learning all about publishing. I found a publisher and had my book edited, chose graphics, took photos, built a website, learned about marketing and set up social media. Currently it’s with the graphic designer, and then it’ll go to typesetting. The funds from pre-sales and my upcoming crowdsourcing campaign will help me pay for graphic design, typesetting, printing and marketing. In addition to helping people get started with this awesome hobby, it is also my goal to spread the message to other people my age that something like this could be done by them as well.  The best book for kids is a book written by kids in my opinion.

A little over a year ago, I lived in Norman, Oklahoma. My family decided to move to Europe, the Netherlands, a place where my parents had spent a lot of time. The idea was for my sister and I to learn about other countries, cultures, and languages. This was at the beginning of Covid. We sold our house in 24 hours along with all our belongings, including my fish tanks, which went to good homes. The day before we were supposed to get on the plane, the Netherlands had still not opened their borders (even though they were supposed to). We decided to find an AirB&B and wait it out. Long story short, we did not move to Europe and instead bought a small place and are building a homestead, in Oklahoma. We are Cherokee and now live much closer to our tribe where we can learn our native language and customs that have been preserved.

I currently homeschool with Epic Charter Schools and have for 4 years. My learning plan is made up of some standardized curriculum and some custom designed homeschooling lessons. I am a member of the Epic NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) and this requires me to do public service work and keep a certain GPA. For my service work, I volunteer at the Oklahoma Aquarium. I chose volunteering at the aquarium because I hope to be a marine biologist one day. Volunteering there helps me become comfortable working with people, seeing how an aquarium is run, learning how to keep a schedule and working with the biologists (given any opportunity). In addition to fishkeeping, I also enjoy playing the guitar, reading, hiking, traveling, eating out, homemade ice cream, and fishing.

I’ve started to set up my new tanks: a 10 gallon saltwater, a 10 gallon freshwater, and a 5 gallon freshwater. I am currently dealing with some algae problems in the saltwater. The tanks are stocked with a variety of invertebrates and fish, including betta, black neon tetras, CPO dwarf crayfish, red leg hermit crabs and otocinclus catfish. I’ve also started working on another book, but that’s a story for another day.

The funds I raise from selling this book will help me on my path of becoming a marine biologist.

Thank you ahead of time for your support.

Fishkeeping for Kids Table of Contents