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First, let me say thanks for coming to check out my book! It really means a lot to me that you took the time to visit.

My name is Brian Conway. When I was 10, I really wanted to get a fish tank and my parents asked me to do research about it first. All of the available books were either too basic to give me any new information or too advanced for me to understand.

Fishkeeping for Kids started as an assignment for homeschooling, but I decided I would publish it to help solve this problem for others.

This is my first book, although there are definitely more on the way!

I live in Oklahoma and currently volunteer at the Oklahoma Aquarium. I own 2 fish tanks, a saltwater 10-gallon aquarium, and a 10-gallon freshwater aquarium.

I also play guitar and enjoy fishkeeping, soccer, and homeschooling.

Brian Conway


Fishkeeping for Kids is a guide to fishkeeping. It uses easy-to-read language and images to help the information be easily understood. While it was written especially for kids 8+, it is a good guide for beginning fishkeepers of any age. Through learning fishkeeping, kids can learn responsibility and how to stick to a calendar. See detailed contents below.

This book is in stock and ready to ship. I am also appearing for book signings around the state of Oklahoma where you can meet me and get a personally signed book. Check my website for this summer’s book signing schedule (2022).

What My Readers Say

This was the perfect book for my 9-year old who wanted to start keeping fish. He asked and asked and asked for an aquarium and as soon as I saw this book, I felt like he could be successful with his first tank. Highly recommend it!!

S. Thompson

Oklahoma City, OK

This book really broke everything down step by step and piece by piece. My daughter loves it, she’s starting on her second tank.


Sunny Florida

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