Soul Medicine: A Physician’s Reflections on Life, Love, Death and Healing

Every now and again, one comes across a book that opens the heart and lets the soul sing. Such a book is a window on the wonder and joy, the beauty and the depths of the world around us. Such a book leads us from one jeweled insight to another, like the Genii giving Aladdin a tour of the treasure cave. Once found, such a book joins a precious few in a privileged place on one’s bookshelf, to be taken down, re-read and savored over and over. Soul Medicine is exactly such a book. With exquisite prose, it transcends its pages to become a heart’s companion, delivering exactly what its title promises. Outstanding! David Spangler, Author and Spiritual Teacher. Dr. Judith Boice has a rare skill that few will ever grasp. She is a healer with an in-depth understanding of the mechanics behind the art of healing. From the wisdom of the elders whom she has studied under, and her learnings of the complexity of traditional and modern medicine today, this medicine woman understands not only how to prescribe and predict results but also, with these mystic skills, how to heal those who come her way.