The Table of Animals: The Ecdysozoa: Nematodes and Early Arthropods

The third paperback volume of the Table of Animals Project, containing the early Ecdysozoan phyla, the Nematodes and the early Arthropods, the Trilobites, Crustaceans, Myriapods and Chelicerates. Details of the biology, ecology and evolution of these Phyla are given, along with their characteristics within Homeopathy, both as a group, and as individual remedies from a developmental, physical and sensation perspective. New triturations are included of the remedies Steinernema feltiae, Elrathia kingii, Euphausia superba oleum, Ethmostigmus rubripes, Mesobuthus martensi and the first discussion of the Nematodes, Trilobites, Crustaceans and Myriapods from a homeopathic perspective.