The Table of Animals: The Lophotrochozoa

The second paperback volume of the Table of Animals, containing the Lophotrochoazoan superphyla. This book contains the Brachiopods, Bryozoa, Annelids, Mollusks and Platyhelminthes. Detailed information on the biology, ecology, evolution, and taxonomy is given on each phyla, as well as information on their role within human culture. The characteristics of each group within Homeopathy are discussed extensively from a developmental perspective, informed by the extensive triturations performs by the author. Clinical information and information from a sensation perspective are also presented with contributions from Dr Ghanshyam Kalathia. Triturations of the new remedies Lingula ovalis, Hirudo medicinalis, Pachydictya flabellum Luechtenberg, Chiton virgulatus, Pecten jacobaeus, Conus geographicus and Illex sp..and all included.