The Table of Animals: Deuterostomes: Early Chordates and Fish

The Fifth Volume of the Table of Animals Series of books, containing the early Deuterostomes, and the early Chrodates. Contains the Hemichordates, Echinoderms (Starfish and relatives), Cephalochordates (Lancelets), Urochordates (Tunicates), Cyclostomes (Lamprey), Chondrichthytes (Sharks) and Bony Fish. Details of the biology, ecology and evolution of these groups are given, along with their characteristics within Homeopathy, both as a group, and as individual remedies from a developmental, physical and sensation perspective. New triturations are given of the remedies Graptolite, Holothuria edulis, Branchiostoma floridae, Amaroucium stellatum, Petromyzon marinus, Hemipristis serra and Tilapia sp. This volume contains the first Homeopathic description of the Hemichordates, Cyclostomes, Chephalochordates, and Urochordates.