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Whether a child is vaccinated or not, The Unvaccinated Child is an unparalleled naturopathic treatment guide for common childhood illnesses. It reviews the history of germs and how a child’s terrain is a better indicator of health or disease. It explains the development of the immune, digestive and nervous systems and their connection to physical, mental and emotional health for the growth of a happy, well-adjusted child.

This book discusses numerous ways to raise healthy children from a healthy diet to the types of play that keep children’s immune system strong. It addresses the importance of breastfeeding for the creation of strong bodies. The naturopathic foundations of health familiarize parents with the necessary steps to create long term well-being. Buy Now

Other Books by Vitalist Naturopathic Doctors

The following books, while not published by Vital Health Publishing, are good reads written by Vitalistic Naturopathic Doctors.

Are you sick and tired of always feeling––well, sick and tired? Have you tried prescription medication after prescription medication, only to find that you’re out hundreds or thousands of dollars and you just don’t feel any better? What if there was an easier, less expensive way to feel your best? If you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true, it’s not.

In Dr. M. Samm Pryce’s The 7 Naturopathic Secrets to Transform Your Health, you’ll learn that the “secrets” to vibrant health and happiness in life are in fact not secrets at all, but tools that you already have at your fingertips and just may not have known it. Buy Now

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